Visa requirements for travel to Grenada are based on your country of citizenship. Citizens of the Russian Federation are exempt from short term tourist visa requirements.

Students (and families of students) attending St. George’s University will need to apply for a visa based on his/her country of citizenship before he/she can travel to Grenada. The letter provided by the University does not exempt you from these requirements.
Who needs a Visa:
Complete Country Visa Requirements for Grenada
Cruise Ship Passengers
Prior-to-Arrival Applications:
Instructions – Visa Requirements (Prior to Arrival)
Photo to be Notarized/Authenticated
Visa Application Form
Port-of-Entry Applications:
Instructions – Visa Requirements (Port of Entry)
Photo to be Notarized/Authenticated
Visa Application Form
Diplomats & Government Officials:
Visa Instructions for Diplomats/Government Officials
Visa Application Form
Request for Apostille of Grenadian Document
Authorization to travel for Parolee / Convicted Felon:
Parolee/Convicted Felon Questionnaire
Human Remains:
Instructions – Transport of Human Remains
Pet Permit:
Instructions for Pet Permit
Cat permit
Dog permit
Police Certificate of Character:
Request for a Police Certificate of Character
Work permits:
Instructions for Obtaining Work Permit Through Employer
Other forms:
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