Below are the forms available for nationals of Grenada. If you’re looking for visitor services, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered by our FAQ, or need a form not listed here.
In 2023, all passports issued by the Immigration and Passport Department in Grenada will be machine-readable ePassports – a biometric/digital passport, enhanced with an embedded electronic microprocessor, which is distinguished by a logo on the front cover. This microprocessor will be used to obtain data that will authenticate the identity of the passport holder for security purposes and ease of travel.

Effective November 1, 2019 the fee for the ePassports within the Russian Federation is US$250.00 (plus shipping). The fee for Lost/Stolen/Damaged passports within the Russian Federation is US$500.00 (plus shipping).
Passports Forms:
Passports applications are forwarded to Grenada every Friday by the Embassy. Once your completed and correct application has been received in its entirety, it takes between two (2) and three (3) weeks from the Friday it is sent to Grenada to be returned to you.
Processing Time:
If you wish to expedite your application, please include a letter detailing the nature of the rush and the date by which your passport is needed. If your request for expedited services along with your completed and correct application is received at the Embassy by Tuesday, your application will be forwarded same day to Grenada for processing. Expedited processing fee is $50.00.
Expedited Processing:
As of March 10, 2017 all First-Time Passport Applicants must appear in person for an interview with a Consular Officer. First-Time Applications received by mail will not be processed and will be returned at the expense of the applicant. Please click here to schedule an appointment to come in to the Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

Embassy of Grenada in Moscow, Russia is the only diplomatic mission of Grenada in the CIS.
Renewal of Passport:
Instructions – Passport Renewal
Passport Application Form
Passport Application Form
Child of Grenadian:
First-time Applicant:
Instructions – Child of a Grenadian
First Time Applicants Questionnaire (if applicable)
Passport Application Form
Instructions – First Time Applicants
First Time Applicants Questionnaire
Passport Application Form
EmergencyTravel Document:
Instructions – Application for Emergency Travel Document
Lost, stolen or damaged:
Instructions – Replacement for Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport
Passport Application Form
Affidavit Declaration – Lost/Stolen Passport
Please note that although our office is available to answer questions and contact Grenada on your behalf, some forms must be submitted directly to the office of record in Grenada and cannot be processed here in Moscow.
Other forms:
Requirements, Processes and Restrictions for Adoption in Grenada
Adoption Brochure
Affidavit – Christian Name Change on Birth Certificate
Affidavit – Correct Date on Birth Certificate
Request for Apostille of Grenadian Document
Birth Certificate:
Request for Birth Certificate
Request for Birth Certificate after Name Change on Affidavit
Request for Birth Certificate with Name Insertion on Affidavit
Deed poll (Last Name):
Instructions for Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Deed Poll Template (Change of Last Name)
Application for Renunciation of Grenadian Citizenship
Death Certificate:
Document Verification:
Request for Death Certificate
Instructions for Document Verification
Human Remains:
Instructions – Transport of Human Remains
Marriage Certificates:
Request for Marriage Certificate
Naturalisation Certificates:
Per Permit:
Instructions for Pet Permit
Cat permit
Dog permit
Police Certificate of Character:
Visa Requirements for Grenadians:
Request for a Police Certificate of Character
Visa Requirements for Grenadians to visit other Countries
Returning Nationals Concessions:
Work Permits:
Returning Nationals Information
Instructions for Obtaining Work Permit through Employer
Affidavit – Reason for Loss of and Copy of Naturalisation Certificate
Returning Nationals Concessions Brochure
Returning Grenadian Nationals Declaration
Returning Nationals Check List
Request for Copy of Naturalisation Certificate