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The Voter Identification Card

The Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO) advises that the ONLY form of identification that shall be presented on election day is the voter identification card issued by the Parliamentary Elections Office.

Any elector who holds an expired identification card with an expiry date 31 January 2020, can present such card when requested to present his or her voter identification card.
A registered voter, who is unable to produce his/her voter identification card, shall be given a ballot paper once he/she satisfies the Presiding Officer:

  1. that he or she has not been issued with an identification card; or
  2. that he or she has been issued with an identification card which is lost or destroyed.
The PEO wishes to assure the public that ALL voter identification cards have been processed and are ready for collection. Registered voters who have not collected their cards are asked to do so in person before election day to avoid delay on polling day.  

The public is advised that your official source of election information is the PEO, therefore you are asked to be guided accordingly.

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