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New protocol for entering Grenada

Beginning July 31, 2021, persons arriving in Grenada by air or sea must be fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine or Sputnik V vaccine.

Exceptions to fully vaccinated status: citizens, residents, persons under 13 years of age, diplomats, airline crew on a connecting flight.
Citizen: Persons holding a Grenadian passport or proof of citizenship who were born in Grenada.
Resident: Holders of permanent resident status, a work permit, and a letter of employment from the Government of Grenada.

Protocols for fully vaccinated travelers to Grenada
The following applies to fully vaccinated travelers.
  • Book approved accommodations for a MINIMUM of 2 nights
  • Apply for travel authorization Get tested 72 hours before travel
  • Present your travel authorization certificate and a copy of your negative RT-PCR test result before boarding
  • Present a copy of your vaccination card and negative RT-PCR test result upon arrival
  • Take a PCR test upon arrival in Grenada
  • Receive results in 48 hours
  • Unlimited visit to Grenada if the PCR test is negative and you have been medically cleared by the Ministry of Health. Children under 13 will spend 48 hours in quarantine if accompanied by a fully vaccinated person.

Up-to-date protocols for entering Grenada can be found at:
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