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Grenada Embassy hosts meeting of GRULAC leaders in Moscow

MARCH 14, 2022.

The Ambassador of Grenada, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries (GRULAC) in Russia, H.E. Oleg Firer, the Director of Latin America Department and Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Minister for Relations with Latin America and Caribbean countries H. P. Alexander Shchetinin and heads of the GRULAC Diplomatic Missions accredited in Moscow had a meeting.

Mr. Shchetinin briefed the heads of the GRULAC diplomatic missions on the progress of the special operation in Ukraine.

In his speech, the Russian diplomat said that under these difficult circumstances, the commitment to the expansion of bilateral political, trade and#economic and humanitarian ties with Latin American#states#is#more#important#than#current#reasons.

The Ambassadors took the floor and spoke about pressing issues of stay of students from GRULAC countries in Russia taking into account the financial and economic restrictions imposed on Russia.

The participants also discussed some issues related to the work of the diplomatic corps in Moscow against the backdrop of the sanctions imposed on Russia.
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